Archaeology: was an early Slavic shrine discovered in Slovenia?

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One of the mysteries of Europe's history is the Slavic westward migration and early Slavic culture, including religion. due to lack of (contemporary slavic) written accounts and too few fragments (at best) of any archaeological remains, we know astonishingly little about early Slavs in eastern Alps region.
However, it appears that an early slavic shrine, dedicated to Perun (or Kresnik), was just discovered in a cave in Slovenia.
Here is a paper about it on Academia (it appears I am not allowed to post external links, so try to copy and paste this, and add before it):


(if anyone can modify this into a working link, it will be much appreciated  [:)] ...)
If it will be confirmed, this could well be one of the most important discoveries regarding early Slavic religion, as there is no extant shrines from that age, and images of Slavic gods are virtually nonexistent (apart from the Zbruch idol). This is the (purported) image of Perun / Kresnik:

Hope you will find this interesting :-) ... and please share any thoughts you might have.
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