Entanglement Explained

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Entanglement Explained
« on: 16/01/2016 07:30:15 »
While discussing BSP trees on enormous spaces (~8.80x10204 units) with a friend,  I made a comment that even the real universe doesn't update in real-time, it updates at the speed of light. He responded that the exception to that was quantum entanglement. With my mind still thinking in the context of BSP trees, I instantly thought, "well, I'd just use a neural network to predict the next location of a particle and fix it later when the information arrives..."

Well, there it is. What if particles actual do behave like a neural network and entanglement is merely a heuristic inference that is corrected when the information actually arrives. The correction then improves the chances of future inferences being correct. Note that this means that 2 entangled particles do not reflect each other's states perfectly 100% of the time.
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