How we could fall off a Planet or Moon

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How we could fall off a Planet or Moon
« on: 17/01/2016 09:08:26 »
I had an idea once for a massive body (planet or moon) to space, elevator.
 This idea relies on GR Frame Dragging coupled with the theory that spacetime can have movement relative to spacetime. (Spacetime Flow theory)
I even thought designed the mechanical properties and arrangement of this antigrav system.
Anything in the influence of this system would be totally Geodesic and therefore in free-fall the whole time. You could fall off a planet or moon...
Spacetime as far as we know so far can only be manipulated in any way by matter. The way that matter moves dictates the way that spacetime moves and vice versa. So I thought what if we set up relativistic Gyroscopically moving ferromagnetic plasma. With the use of electromagnetic fields we accelerate this plasma spinning in a tight loop and we set up a number of these devices forming a toroidal arrangement so the plasma direction on the inside of the ring formed by these devices is all moving in the same direction.
That should create a spacetime flow through the agency of Frame Dragging in the centre of such a toroid arrangement, flowing in the same direction as the plasma rings. If we then stacked a couple of these rings on top of each other, through this agency of Frame Dragging we can have a spacetime ground based space elevator tube.

One would only have to step into the centre of such an arrangement, and the spacetime flowing away from the ground would have you falling of the massive body you were previously standing on.
Of course such a device may not be able to be used on a body that has an atmosphere as you could conceivably pump it out into space.
Added to the above effects, there would also be an area surrounding the outside of the device where Spacetime Dragging (frame dragging) would give the opposite effect, of increasing the Gravity from normal.
This could be handy for all sort of experiments and even adjusted Gravity living conditions on a low gravity body. Of course the inside of the tube direction could also be used the other way to give a higher than ambient Gravity environment for either habitation or experimental purposes.

The only requirement is electricity.

This Spacetime manipulation method may even have applications as a drive system that could get us to the stars.
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