Is the term "conspiracy theory" an oxymoron ?

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Is the term "conspiracy theory" an oxymoron ?
« on: 17/01/2016 13:20:01 »
The term "conspiracy theory" is often used to intimidate independent research on challenging the official narrative about state-sponsored conspiracy. However, the contradiction between the combination of "conspiracy" and "theory" appears as a non-scientific oxymoron to refute the evidences of government conspiracies, like the prohibition of marijuana or the emerging phenomenon of artificial terrorism. Thus, is the term "conspiracy theory" a weapon to cognitively infiltrate the public with disinformation ?
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Re: Is the term "conspiracy theory" an oxymoron ?
« Reply #1 on: 18/01/2016 01:11:55 »
Is the term "conspiracy theory" an oxymoron ?
I always thought an oxymoron was a really dumb welder... :)
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