The Paradigm (theory) of Types (everything) in Cosmology and Biology

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The Paradigm of Types represents the construction and de-constructed and evolution of everything within the realms of cosmology and biology.

The paradigm represents the ultimate paradigm shift revolution of science. As a consistent and complete representation of the Universe, the paradigm is infallible in and of itself.

All solar systems begin with 9 planets. All of biology exists on 2 planets within a solar system. 191 genetically unique types exist on Earth, and 20 exist on another planet within the solar for a total of 211 genetically unique types in the Universe.

The on-going application of the paradigm will give us all the details of biological evolution from its beginning as 2 types of 4 types of chemical combination that is precipitated into life by 232 types of particles which constitute a level of emission (radiation) from the Sun.

The paradigm indicates that with evolution there are 46 types of Humans up to the modern Humans. This is represented on the paradigm as 25  46, where 25 represents Humans as the number of types of chromosomes plus mitochondrial DNA, and 46 the maximum construction and de-construction of 25.

The essay “The Nature of the Universe and the Paradigm of Types in Cosmology and Biology” presents a beginning to the on-going application of the paradigm. The essay is located at