WHAT is the future of home-based wi-fi for Internet of Things?

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What is the future of wi-fi and routers in managing the Internet of Things and all internet-based devices; Mobile, video streaming, etc.?


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We can predict that there will be a technology clash between:
  • new-generation WiFi, which will operates at Gbps speeds and higher
  • new-generation cellular mobile ("5G"), which will operate at Gbps speeds and higher
  • These higher speeds will tend to use much higher frequencies, which will have trouble penetrating walls
  • In-home base stations for cellular mobile - probably several base stations, because of the wall problem
  • "Wired" or optical fiber connections to the home, needed to connect these Gbps speeds to the public internet
  • A few high-capacity IoT applications that can use (and pay for) the high capacities delivered by the above technologies. The internet-connected car will be one of them.
  • Many potential ultra-low-cost IoT applications that want ultra-low-cost and ultra-low-speed, which contradicts all of the above 

Whatever happens about connectivity:
  • IPv6 will be needed to give unique addresses to all of these devices (IPv4 addresses are becoming very scarce)
  • Hackers will have a field day
  • Children will be the only ones who feel really comfortable about it all