Would a gelatine paste firm my skin?

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Would a gelatine paste firm my skin?
« on: 22/01/2016 21:50:02 »
Jenny Young asked the Naked Scientists:
   I would like to know if I apply a gelatine 'paste' to the skin on my neck which is sagging badly.  Would this be of any benefit for collagen absorption to plump up the skin.  If not, is there another option.  I do not believe in all the expensive cosmetic products on the market.
What do you think?
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Re: Would a gelatine paste firm my skin?
« Reply #1 on: 23/01/2016 23:33:00 »
There are a range of "dermal fillers" available to help to plump up saggy skin; these include collagens and other materials that dwell in the dermis for periods of up to 2 years post-injection. Regrettably there is no simple way to stop the ageing process, which involves the loss of the natural elasticity of the skin, and a thinning of the collagen that is present.

Botox provides short-term anti-wrinkle effects by paralysing some of the muscles in the skin; this allows the skin to "spread out" more, reducing the depth of wrinkles.
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