When was the beginning of time?

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When was the beginning of time?
« on: 27/01/2016 13:50:26 »
One of the big questions in cosmology is what happened at the beginning of the universe? Astrophycisists are edging closer to answering this question - we can now look back to a fraction of a second after the Big Bang. But what happened before that still remains elusive and there are still many loose ends to tie up. In this episode of Naked Astronomy, Graihagh Jackson takes a look at the the origins of time...
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Re: DiscussWhen was the beginning of time?
« Reply #1 on: 28/01/2016 10:13:41 »
Here is a totally made up tale for your entertainment.

Before the Big Bang

Spacetime is defined by the apparent separation between any two bodies of Matter. It is also defined by the space that a particle or collection of particles rotate in.
If there was no Matter left outside the Event Horizon of a Black Hole, how then can we define the existence of spacetime?
When a Black Hole has finished devouring all the available Matter, that means it has devoured ALL the available Matter, including any Matter that may or may not have it's creation origins in Hypothetical Hawking Radiation.
There is nothing left to be separated by Spacetime.
As such Spacetime looses any defining characteristics and can no longer exist.
Only a Universe in a Black Hole.
As the last of whatever was considered the last separate bit of matter reaches the event horizon of the last Black Hole, which up to this point contains all the angular momentum of the Universe in it's spin rate, spacetime should immediately cease to exist.
With the sudden disappearance of Spacetime, the rapidly rotating Black Hole having nothing to relatively rotate to, comes to an immediate stop (Planck moment "0"). Thus transferring all that Kinetic Spin Energy, into  Kinetic Straight line momentum, making every particle move away from every other particle.
Result? (Planck moment "1") 
Thus restarting Timespace.(Spacetime)
A "Big Bang" or "another" Big Bang....
And it was only from one Planck moment to the next.
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We are made of Spacetime; with a sprinkling of Stardust.
Matter tells Spacetime how to Flow; Spacetime tells matter where to go



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« Reply #2 on: 17/03/2016 18:54:43 »
In the beginning of the show you say that the mass of the earth has an influence on time. If so, shouldn't the clocks on satellites move slower because they are further from the earth than someone on the earth's surface? Time moves slower for satellites because they are moving faster than someone on the earth's surface. Or have I made a mistake?