What's the Michaelson Morley Experiment?

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What's the Michaelson Morley Experiment?
« on: 28/01/2016 03:50:04 »
John Lindop asked the Naked Scientists:
   The  Michaelson Morley  experiment  was  based  on  the  assumption  that  the  earth  was moving  thro'  the  aether  so, like a  golf ball  in  the  air,  would  drag  the aether  with  it. The  earth  does  not  travel  thro'  the aether, like a  knot  on  a  piece  of  string,  the  earth  is  composed  of  aether  and    moves  as  a  wave  within it  so  there  is  no  aether  drag.
What do you think?
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Re: What's the Michaelson Morley Experiment?
« Reply #1 on: 28/01/2016 09:17:56 »
The Earth does not move through the aether at all. The relationship is a bit more complicated than that. To understand it we have to start at the beginning. And the beginning involves Fundamental particles. After all the Universe is a duality. It is the interaction between Particle and Aethereal physicality that makes an animate Universe. Neither one can do it alone.
Spacetime/Aether only exists between particles and particles can only be animate with Aether.
I will use the Quark as example as it has the biggest effect we detect.
The Quark through it's need of space to vibrate and possibly rotate in, literally uses up space. It sucks it in like a vacuum cleaner. Every vibratory movement takes up new space/aether. (A bit like pac man only with a 360⁰ orientable mouth. This space is taken in, stripped down to energy and goes to keep the quark animate. To power the next movement.
In the beginning, Fundamental particles as soon as there was enough aether in existence due to enough time having passed, organised themselves into a more complex structure where 3 certain Quarks could combine in such a way as to each allocate one of the forces at their command to this structure. Neutrons were born. They could help in processing more aether than the 3 quarks on their own, but this was only a stepping stone to matter's real goal. And the universe kept expanding as more and more time meant more and more space. Eventually or quite suddenly depending on viewpoint there was enough extra space for some Neutrons to polarise by splitting the Electromagnetic force from the Electroweak force in the process sending out an electron carrying half the charge of each Quark, and a neutrino to balance things up.
The original 3 Quarks have now exponentially increased their aether gathering capabilities by increasing their area of influence. They have also expanded their capability to produce further complexity. All the while sucking in and using up aether.
The Michelson/Morley experiment was looking for a ridiculous static aether that the Earth moved through, and of course it didn't find it. An aether of that description doesn't exist.
That of course doesn't disprove the existence of an aether only their understanding of it.
As you said above the Earth and all particle based reality is made of aether. It is what is necessary for all matter at the fundamental and extending into the atomic level to exist. You can only be a part of the Universe if you can move and for that you need aether.
This is what makes a Universe go round from a Gluon to a black hole.
As Newton first postulated, Gravity is the aether flowing into matter. He later changed his mind and offered the force explanation as he couldn't work out what to do with this ever inward flowing aether.
Do you want to feel the Aether wind?
Just stick out your arm. You will feel that aether wind blowing down.
Watch your balance at all times because if you don't that  same aether wind will blow you into the ground.
Jump and it will blow you right back downwind.
Does it affect the speed of light? Well light speed is not something we are capable of observing at anything but light speed, but it will effect the frequency. Just as if light was speeding up or slowing down.
When you use light to detect the qualities of light that is all you can measure.
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We are made of Spacetime; with a sprinkling of Stardust.
Matter tells Spacetime how to Flow; Spacetime tells matter where to go