Feedback: be more direct

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Feedback: be more direct
« on: 06/02/2016 03:50:04 »
keith koenigsberg asked the Naked Scientists:
   Can I please make a suggestion?  I love your show but I think you can improve it: when answering listener questions, you have a habit of tangential talk, not answering the actual question.  Examples?  Episode Jan 11, q: how does a snowflakes develop symmetrically, you did not truly answer the question, and q: what is the fastest object in  space, your answer was a clever diversion from what the listener actually asked.  Listening can be a frustrating experience.  May I suggest that you assign one of your panel to carefully listen to the others and make sure the actual question gets answered.  Also, I respectfully suggest that you suffer from a common British affliction: being too polite.  If the listener has has asked a bad question, don't be shifty and avoid it.  You can tactfully suggest "here is the question you really want to be asking".  Again I love your show and I'm a long-time listener.  But I'm from New York, and I value directness and frankness!  I hope you will ta!
Take this criticism in the loving spirit with which it was intended.  Best regards, Keith
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