What is global warming?

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What is global warming?
« on: 14/02/2016 17:09:55 »
                       GLOBAL WARMING

Well, it is the hottest topic among our politicians and Scientists. It is true that temperature is raising continuously.  The Intergovernmental panel on global warming were more than 95% certain that Global warming is raising due to concentrations of Greenhouse gases and other human activities. Scientists are estimating that it will result in raising sea levels, increase in desert areas. They are also estimating that it may also result in extreme weather conditions such as floods,heavy rains in some parts and in some other parts drought. 

Scientists are estimating that all these are due to human mistakes i.e., increase in green house gases.

Suppose let us take one poor family from rural area in UK.  During severe winter how they protect themselves.  They burn fire wood to raise temperature in the house.  It gives warm, wet and dry, comfortable climate within the house.  Suppose, let us assume that one person within the house lighted a cigarette.  What happens, it causes pollution only and it has no capacity to increase temperature within the house.

Let us take this example for earth.  Actually they have used fire wood to raise temperature in the house.  Here on this earth also, earth is still burning deep inside and is releasing lot of energy into the open area. I had already discussed about existence of "ENERGY BASE" on this earth.

Any raise of temperature on the earth means:
01  It is mainly due to two things.
    a)  Increase in the amount of energy released by earth.  In   
         the example, suppose if the family uses more firewood, 
         what happens, it becomes discomfort.  Here on this earth
        also key role is played by energy from earth.
    b)  The other important thing influencing climate on earth is
        sun.  However influence  of sun is limited.  Here we have to
        remember one important point that energy from  sun is
        shared by universe and the earth is very small one in the
        universe.  So impact  falls on total universe.  However even
        small change in the temperature can cause lot  of effect on
        the "ENERGY BASE".
These two things are playing key role on global warming.  Actually our scientists are not aware of "ENERGY BASE" on this earth and are taking existing things as base.  This is not correct.  If we do not know how this energy base is created than it is impossible for us to understand Global warming.

Once our earth is also a ball of fire only.  Due to heavy concentration of hydrosphere it rained for quiet long period and earth started cooling.  Initially it started cooling from poles and paved way for nature.  Strong hydrosphere paved way for creation of "ENERGY BASE" on this earth.  Certain amount of energy permanently remained on this earth.  We are all living in this and this can compared to mother's womb which gives far better protection than anything.

While calculating GLOBAL WARMING we must keep in mind about this energy base.  Without any idea about this, any calculations misleads us.  Impact of global warming can be divided into two periods, short and long.

In the short period raise of temperature influences hydrosphere on this earth.  It results in melting of ice, however more evaporation of water balances it.  But due to its influence
it results in heavy rains and floods at some places and drought at some other places.  This is of course short phenomena and remains short period up to 10 to 20 years.

We must remember one important point that earth started cooling from poles and it is a continuous phenomena. Interior part of earth i.e., core cannot burn permanently. At times it may release extra energy, for so many reasons and this is only short phenomena only. But in the long run it is cooling and ENERGY BASE on this earth is also weakening.  It is like slow poison never affect directly and changes will take place slowly without the
knowledge of human beings.
01  In all the European countries and some of the northern states of USA where temperature never raises above 30 degrees.  In all these areas its effect is direct.  Here human in habitation and nature existence is in question.  Its effect is direct on reproductive capacity of nature including human beings.  For measuring these changes 100 years can    be taken as minimum period.
02  In the long period, ice covers completely USSR,European countries,Canada and Northern  states of America.  Human existence stretches towards center of the earth.
03  In my view, when climate on earth was volatile, and Energy base was developed is taken   for 100%.  Present situation on earth is taken for 45% and it will continue upto 25%.  Thereafter it will collapse suddenly and sudden changes in the climate will rock the  earth.

Actually our scientists are moving around short phenomena changes only.  Actually we have to keep in mind that earth is having extra ordinary capacity to absorb all these changes.
Carbon-DI-oxide, Carbon-monoxide released by factories and vehicles can influence climate to some extent only. Here we have to note one important point that burning cigarette in the
house never raises temperature but only causes pollution.

Our focus must be on all the industries causing pollution.  If they are indispensable than they may be moved to places where there is no human existence i.e., barren lands.


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« Reply #1 on: 14/02/2016 17:58:17 »
Global warming is unfashionable. It's now called climate change because sensible people have realised that it's a cyclic phenomenon, principally driven by water (which the IPCC recognises is (a) difficult to model, (b) difficult to tax, and (c) can't be blamed on the USA, so they ignore it)  and has very little to do with carbon dioxide.

And a burning cigarette does indeed increase the temperature of the world, but since it also shortens your life, the net efect on CO2 emission may be well negative.
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« Reply #2 on: 15/02/2016 07:28:35 »
Thank you. It is a useful information. [:)]


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« Reply #3 on: 15/02/2016 21:26:31 »
                       GLOBAL WARMING

A new religion contrived by the global elitists to extract greater sums of revenue, in the form of use taxes, from the illiterate masses.
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« Reply #4 on: 15/02/2016 22:17:34 »
                       GLOBAL WARMING

A pretext to manipulate the climate with chemtrails....
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