Does the biot-savart law explain the magnetic grid pattern seen in the brain?

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I was interested anyone's opinion on whether the grid pattern seen in diffusion tensor imaging of the brain could be physics based. The biot-savart law, which states an electric current along a rod generates a cylindrical magnetic field with the rod being in the center [attachment=20991].  Could several brain fibers in parallel create a magnetic field capable of starting brain electrical current in a perpendicular direction as can be seen in the dti imaging [attachment=20993]?
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It is a bit hard to see 3D information in a small 2D photo.

Is this a diffusion MRI, tracing the path of nerve axons?

The grid pattern appears to be bundles of nerves traveling in different directions, forming a grid pattern?

Please explain the significance of the different arrows.

Note that the pattern of current flow in a neuron is axially symmetric, with ions flowing radially in and out of the axon. Not much current flows along the axon (as it would through a copper wire carrying a DC current). With this pattern of ion flow, I would be surprised to see currents jumping between adjacent bundles of nerves (apart from at synapses, where it is supposed to do this...).