How are tailored dendrimers designed and made?

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How are tailored dendrimers designed and made?
« on: 23/02/2016 05:35:49 »
Hi! I'm new to polymers and while I was looking through some examples, I found what was called a "tailored" dendrimer where one of the terminal surface groups is different from the rest. How might this be synthesised? I've looked through so many textbooks but none of which mention this.

Hopefully someone here can help!
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Re: How are tailored dendrimers designed and made?
« Reply #1 on: 23/02/2016 16:01:28 »
There is good modelling software out there now, similar to the system used to do DNA origami, that works out the sequence of bases required to achieve a given structure. Thus you can rationally design for a configuration that will have a specific chemical behaviour. Subsequent evolution can be used to optimise the result.
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