Do polyps live on or in coral?

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Do polyps live on or in coral?
« on: 02/03/2016 03:50:02 »
fay baikie asked the Naked Scientists:
   Hi my name Fay and I am watching blue planet. I was interested in how coral can photosynthesise, being an animal and I had to have a read on the net, it directed me to your site. I thought there had been an error about coral photosynthesising then found that the pholopys photosynyhesise. Wouldn't  the polypys live inside the coral and ejucalate once a year? I also read that algae (or is that pholopys), that lives on the coral makes me wonder which is right?  Or is it that the coral feeds on the algae.  It is an amazing tv show and I am most definitely going to purchase the book. You must have had an amazing time making this film?

Many Thanks
Fay, Melbourne Australia
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