Should we destory the smallpox virus?

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Should we destory the smallpox virus?
« on: 14/03/2016 16:39:57 »
There are two remaining samples of the smallpox virus: should we destroy them?
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Re: Should we destory the smallpox virus?
« Reply #1 on: 09/03/2016 07:46:25 »
Well I can't see the US or Russian military officials using the last remaining lots of smallpox for any scientific and/or nefarious reasons..... So that leaves bio-terrorists.

.Some scientists have argued that the stocks may be useful in developing new vaccines, antiviral drugs, and diagnostic tests;[6] A 2010 review by a team of public health experts appointed by the WHO, however, concluded that no essential public health purpose is served by the U.S. and Russia continuing to retain virus stocks.[7] The latter view is frequently supported in the scientific community, particularly among veterans of the WHO Smallpox Eradication Program (195879).

Comments on the Scientific Review of Variola Virus Research, 1999‐2010. Advisory Group of Independent Experts to review the smallpox research program (AGIES) WHO document WHO/HSE/GAR/BDP/2010.4


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Re: Should we destory the smallpox virus?
« Reply #2 on: 09/03/2016 09:26:57 »
Given that smallpox has previously been used in biological warfare against the native populations of the USA and Australia (and probably others), I think it should be destroyed.

In 2014, samples of smallpox were discovered in a storage room in the USA - but not at the site which is authorized to store it. There may be other samples around the world. These should be destroyed too.

Apparently, we don't need live virus to create a vaccine, should one become necessary in the future. If necessary, we could always go back to Jenner's cowpox vaccine.