What does humidity do to the body?

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What does humidity do to the body?
« on: 09/03/2016 16:50:01 »
Emma asked the Naked Scientists:
I have been reading many science studies on the effect humidity has to the body & have not found one result that matches my own leaving me very confused.

All humid weather makes my body prickle & produce sweat wether it gets hot or cold & is day or night.

The weather that bothers me the most is cool/cold weather that is humid, because I feel hotter, sweat more & my skin feels prickly.
You read correctly.... I get HOTTER & sweat more IN COLD humid weather. I know I should be feeling colder in cold humid weather so why is this not the case?

During really cold nights that I don't feel the humidity & really need my doona to stay warm but the humidity is high, I need to use the air-conditioner (none evaporative) to stop me from becoming drenched (then unable to sleep) when I warm up bellow the covers.
Can you explain this?

To complete the picture... I'm not aware of sweating much in warm dry weather & am quite happy when it's extremely hot & dry. Also I don't have hyperhidrosis & my sweating can not be explained by medicine, cafein (I don take caffein supplements & drink only 2cups of percolated coffee) or sugar as I have always had exstemely litte (sugar causes me body pain & seams to worsen my fibromyalgia).

With all this information why am not typical of your studies relating to humidity in the col?
What do you think?
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