Does commercialism lead to deterioration of society?

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Commercials influence a society body of knowledge in unhealthy ways.  Can't help but wonder why many people (1/3 of congressmen) don't accept science as based on fact.

I'm drawing the conclusion, because much of our body of knowledge is based on commercial media outlets.

I think we need a new law.  For every commercial an equal proportion of time be devoted to public service announcements.

Seems like it would have a net positive effect on society.

We all know what viagra does...  Yippie!!!  But how many know E.D. is caused by excess cholesterol???  How many people know what food group(s) contain absolutely no cholesterol???  Commercials won't tell ya.  In fact, commercial enterprises often find factual information counter productive, yet commercial based society thrives misinformation.  I see it as a problem that needs to be addressed.
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Does everything simple always gotta be so complex?


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Re: Commercialism deterorates society
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It's interesting to use TV commercials as teaching material for scientific and linguistic analysis. Pick almost any ad and ask "what does it really mean"? "what is it not telling us about the product?"  and so forth.You could end up with a classroom full of skeptics, and the economy would grind to a halt.

I'm intrigued by the proportion of advertising (and presumably high street sales) of stuff for women to throw away. Face paint, face paint remover, stuff to put on your skin before you go into the sun so it looks as though you haven't been in the sun, fake tan to apply afterwards.....
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Re: Does commercialism lead to deterioration of society?
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I would prefer that the same level of responsibility which I would have as a gas fitter was applied to science.

If I work on somebody's gas central heating boiler and 3 months later the gas fire in the living room kills somebody I am responsible. I should have looked at all of the gas appliances in the house.

I would like it if anybody who claimed to be a scientist or to present something as science were to lie then they could be charged with the same criteria as if they were on oath in the court room. Lying and saying it's science would be very expensive and bad for your liberty.