That couldn't be true..................!

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That couldn't be true..................!
« on: 24/03/2016 09:11:00 »
According to Big Bang theory,  conditions for the propagation of light, that later was red-shifted into the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation, did not occur until 300,000 years after the event.  At this time there were 10 10 (i.e., Ten billion photons )  photons for every particulate matter. This is called the Baryon fraction and has been worked out by extrapolating from the distribution of the CMBR in the present day to what it might have been 300,000 years ago. The CMBR is a distinctive black body type radiation that permeates the Universe, and is the residual heat left over from the Big Bang. The distinctive Black Body signature, which is uniform in all directions is due to the process of thermalisation, wherein high energy photons like gamma rays, experienced repeated scattering, (i.e., were repeatedly absorbed and re-emitted at a lower frequency and energy) in a process known as thermalisation, resulting in a uniform wave length that was later red shifted due to the expansion of the Universe and is visible today as the CMBR.  This version of the origin of Black Body radiation, has been well researched,  is almost certainly true.  Yet it is often stated in the literature that to state that  a red shift could have taken place during the earliest phases (10-12 secs) of the Big Bang  is false because at the time space itself was expanding. 

What is wrong with the scenario, on the face of it nothing, because the CMBR does exist and the reason for its, wave-length, frequency and temperature and characteristic black body type of signature, fit in well with what is already known.  Yet that could be far from being the whole story, for 240,000 years before re-combination began, photons had been pumped out of matter at an extraordinary rate.  The question is what happened to those photons ? To state ( as painstaking calculations have shown) that there were only 1010  photons for every particulate matter could not possibly be the whole story. What could be the answer?

One possibility is that , just as in radiation from the sun, where radiation emanating from the centre of the sun has black body characteristics because of undergoing repeated scattering on its way to the surface, while radiation from the surface of the sun, is mainly in the visible light range of the spectrum. It is possible that instead of one thermalisation process there were two 'thermalisations' that took place , the first involving visible light that was emitted during the 300,000 years prior to the propagation of CMBR. In this scenario it is possible that light from these early stages of the Universe, permeated every part of the Universe, what happened to it ? Every astronomical Institution seems to agree that it could not have been only heat, or expansion of space, in the very earliest moments of the Universe it had to be filled with light also. The matter and the heat is accounted for, what happened to the light ?  One possibility is that photons as they were created were pushed put  spreading further and further out towards the edges of the Universe. Since the model of the photon according to GAT (Gestalt Aether Theory) is that they are di-pole and solenoid in form, it means that the wave like structure allows them to join together, when they do this there is a natural dispersal of energy throughout the photon medium.  The photon  energy began to disperse throughout the joined photon structure,  until finally it was left with such low energy ( 10 -50 J per photon)that it for all purposes ceased to exist. How is this possible ? This is one interpretation of the HUP that states that if the energy of the object is sufficiently small the time over which it can exist is indeterminate. Under these conditions the early photons could exist practically for ever with life span similar to the electron or proton. Thus the Universe was filled with these practically stationary di-pole electromagnetic points, that were oriented at random, in the presence of a real photon, these 'virtual' photons of the aether line up in the direction of propagation of the real photon, forming a line whose ends rest on infinity and the energy of the real photon travels along this line. Note that it is the structure of the photon, is it wave or is it particle OR is it wave and particle simultaneously, that makes the formation of an Aether that permeates every part of the Universe possible. The photons of the early Universe were undetectable because of their extremely low energies, yet they were still there, just as the CMBR is still there, and just as early light from 13.5 billion years ago is still detectable as light and has not undergone 'thermalisation'. There was , there still is only 4% of matter by volume in the whole Universe, to fill the remaining 96% would have taken all the photons that were created during the 300,000 years before the CMBR to fill this space, even then until a redistribution of energy took place all of space was not filled, it was only when this happened that propagation of light became possible.   This is the aether that pervades the Universe.
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