Lambda-CDM (suppositon vs. evidence)

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Lambda-CDM (suppositon vs. evidence)
« on: 26/03/2016 03:10:47 »
I've been working on a new postulation.  Nothing new, to some, many of you may have done the same.

If/when you postulate a beginning of the universe, it helps if you can understand other work.  I have issues with Lambda-CDM because I believe its something of a contradiction in terms.

Its believed to be science, but the line between supposition and evidence, when one refers to Lambda-CDM principles is not simply not clear.  If you could draw a line through this collection of science, err... evidence and supposition is it possible to do it in a clearly defined fashion? 

I've picked a spot.  I'd like to hear comments before revealing my choice, should you be so inclined.
Does everything simple always gotta be so complex?