Is the big bang real or an assumption?

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Is the big bang real or an assumption?
« on: 30/03/2016 19:50:01 »
Satya thota asked the Naked Scientists:
   Is the big bang real or an assumption ?

We humans have designed everything according to our comfort. do our assumptions, equations, units work everywhere ?

And when a neutron star explodes why does it form a black hole? If so is there any sort of huge mass created inside the black hole when its formed? to have such kind of huge attractive force? Some say that it's gravity so the mass should be present to have gravity according to our equations, according to law of conservation of energy  after an explosion the energy travels from high energy to low energy region . hence it should become stable after some time why is it not ? does the law of conservation of energy fail there ? and after an explosion there will be no mass present in it hence there will be no gravitation. Is it any other strong force that we don't know ?

and the other theory where the star compresses into a huge dense particle who's escape velocity is higher than speed if light.


How did collision of two black holes created ripples in the fabric of space and time?? Beause they are highly dense ??

Why don't our fundamental laws of physics work there ???
What do you think?
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