Newton and Doppler FLAT GRAVITY ?

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Newton and Doppler FLAT GRAVITY ?
« on: 31/03/2016 04:35:10 »
I alreardy explained  Doppler mechanism  on this forum

Doppler's mechanism inside Michelson Morley
on: 30/03/2016 14:48:00

I want to ask about NEWTON here ( he directly copied Galileo )
Do we have symetry   inside atom ?

below my drawing
 Big M - atom's center
small m - atom's electron
bulb = EM source !  ( gravitation = EM wave )

exist  motion ?
 Atom's Center ↔ electron  exchanging informations by EM radiation
what about the signal's intensity ?

1861 J. C. Maxwell, published his theory of electromagnetic fields and radiation,which shows that light has momentum and thus can exert pressure on objects.

EM radiation is not moving with source

F1 = F2  or F1>F2  ???
How big signal's intensity is registering mass m left/right ?

 I'm not expert if we speak about Einstein
but can you help me explain SIGNAL's INTENSITY  inside Einstein's rocket


M- rocket's mass
m- person

if m is on the planet  reaction m- planet = constant


now situattion inside rocket

one  week
rocekt is accelerating , accelerating ....... accelerating

3 weeks later
rocekt is accelerating , accelerating ....... accelerating

How heavy is person inside rocket ?
I asking about Gravitation's force between rocket M mass and person m
 (this person will lost kilograms if exist comunication M↔m by EM pressure ? )


Acceleration each  second mass m  changing own Q ( NOT CONSTANT Q )

Planet ( real gravitation ) each second mass m not losting Q ( CONSTANT Q )

Exist also One problem more .... but  I not wan to add too much drawigns

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