Whole Science Times Begin

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Whole Science Times Begin
« on: 26/02/2007 11:53:59 »
1.Four stages of science  development
 Mankind  realizing nature and society proceeds from the outside to the inside,from the part to    the whole,which depends on the humanity's quality.There are four stages of science development.
1.1 Apparent science priod.Due to low quality   of humanity,his understanding of nature and society is apparent.Surface law and moving  bodies in low speed is recognized.the personage of the period is Newton.
1.2 Period in studying internal structure and law of bodies.With the increasing of the man's knowledge,he  was able to find out internal structure and law in nature and society and to describe the bodies in high speed.Einstein is the representative of the period.
1.3 Whole science  times.The universe  as a whole will be reseaeched in the period.Individual substance  and body having been in full study by now,science and technology  will get into new period  in which all substance and bodies in the universe  will be linked as a unified whole.Whole science  times begins.
1.4 Cosmic age.Human will have finished the task of knowing and remaking nature,surrounding  and him and arrived at his existence aim and entered cosmic age.
2.Zero  Space-Time Theory--Grand Unified Cosmology
  Wholeness thought of the east being as the core of the universe,all science.technology,culture and religion of humanity by now being used,Zero Space-Time Theory-grand unified cosmology  has been set up.It  includes unity of physics and biology,unity of human,nature and society,structure and unity  of science,unity of science and religion and so on.
  Zero Sapce-Time Theory will have great effects on global science,technology,society,economy,culture,military and strategy.
Zero Sapce-Time Theory  contains 3 parts
Vol.1  Zero Space-Time Theory
1.Basic principle of Zero Space-Time
2.States  of the universe and their description
3.State space-time
4.Four kinds of states of the universe 
5.Unitary cosmology--four seasons' cosmology
6.Unity of physics and biology
7.Unitary economics and sociology
8.Unity of human,nature and society
9.Unity of science and religion
10.Unity of the east's and the west's realization
Vol.2  Analysis of the System in the Universe
1.First promotion of the universe
2.Fundamental construction of the universe
3.Inorganic systems in the universe
4.Organic systems in the universe
5.Cognitive and thought systems in the universe
6.Social states
7.Control of the universe
8.Mathematical description of the universe
9.Science,technology and art systems
vol.3  Light Speed Aircraft Principle
1.Costruvtion and function  of  light speed aircraft
2.Dynamics of light speed aircraft
3.Material science,inorganic life material and the material of light speed aircraft
4.Information system of light speed aircraft
5.Computer science and control of light speed aircraft
6.Weapon system of light speed aircraft
7.Human body relativity principle
8.Agreement of human body's and light speed aircraft's state
9.Cosmic age
Author is willing to collaborate with the institution home and abroad.


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Whole Science Times Begin
« Reply #1 on: 08/04/2007 04:49:41 »
Hello, to All.  As a newbie, I fear that I may be re-hashing an old topic.  That being said, I shall continue in the hope that others may want to comment.
Mathematically, have anybody considered the fact that Zero≠Zero?  I agree that the difference between -1 and +1 is exactly 2, but, the difference between Zero an -1 or +1 is not exactly Zero.  As nature contains no Zeros, on any level, how can Zero be regarded as a referential number?