Do giant pandas have a sex drive?

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Do giant pandas have a sex drive?
« on: 06/04/2016 13:12:04 »
Giant pandas have proven really hard to breed, but is this because they have no sex drive?
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Re: Do giant pandas have a sex drive?
« Reply #1 on: 05/04/2016 16:37:00 »
Presumably they used to, otherwise there wouldn't be any.

But they realise that breeding for human amusement in zoos is going to condemn their offspring to a life of pointless and miserable captivity, or release into the everdecreasing natural environment will condemn them to starvation. Thus, being far more intelligent than humans, but unable to kill their captors, they limit their reproduction and do not have sex just to please an inferior species that frequently outbreeds its own resources.
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