How does breathing correspond to the disatolic/systolic phases of the heart?

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Floyd Longwell asked the Naked Scientists:

I guess this question is Medicine or Physiology?  

In  a rare or voluntary 1:1 cardiorespiratory syncronization, how does the inhale/exhale correspond to the disatolic / systolic phases of the heart?
What do you think?
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Blood pressure normally varies with respiration because your chest is sucking air in when you inhale. the negative pressure of inspiration also sucks more blood into your chest when you inhale.

If you pay close attention -or look on a cardiac monitor - your pulse varies with respiration too. The negative/positive pressure cycle in your chest affects your left ventricular output and your ticker speeds up a little to keep your brain oxygenated.

A " 1:1 cardiaorespiratory synchronization". Does that mean trying to breathe as fast as your heart beats?  sounds like something schoolboys try------once.

Ah, youth.