Is it bad for you to drink fluids whilst eating?

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Is it bad for you to drink fluids whilst eating?
« on: 13/04/2016 11:50:02 »
Elizabeth Louw asked the Naked Scientists:
   Hi Naked Scientists,

A question for your mythconceptions:

Recently my boyfriend asked me what I think about drinking water or other fluids while eating.  Suddenly I realised that all the times I've been over for lunch or dinner to his mom that none of them drink while eating, I'm the only one!  Now I'm sure they've judged me every time :P

He said that his mom once read that drinking fluids while eating results in diluted stomach acid which then means your food either doesn't get digested as well or takes longer to digest, essentially both causing indigestion.  I know I also heard this same thing in Biology class in school, but it never made sense to me.  At most I thought it might have a minor influence, but not enough to be of concern.

Can you please prove/disprove this mythconception?

Elizabeth Louw
What do you think?
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Re: Is it bad for you to drink fluids whilst eating?
« Reply #1 on: 13/04/2016 22:19:57 »
What was the first source of food that you, your boyfriend, and his mum consumed?
(Hint: we are mammals)
How credible is it that a meal  accompanied by a drink is a problem given that it's so very common?
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