Is there a way to reduce face swelling caused by steroids?

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Rory Jones asked the Naked Scientists:
   Hi Doc Chris, I listen to you every Friday on Radio 702. I have been on a heavy dosage of Cortisone ( Medrol 4 mg ) for chronic Ashma. I started on 10 tabs morning and 10 tabs evening. I am down to 5 tablets in the morning and 5 in the evening. My Question is - is there anything that I can do to reduce my "Moonface". Diet? And is this just water retention in the face. Thank you very much. Kind regards Rory Jones South Africa
What do you think?
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I urge you to discuss this with a bona fide medical doctor (and perhaps seek a second opinion).

It sounds to me that you are on long term use of steroids for your asthma. Current standards of care are that oral steroids ( like Medrol0 are to be used only for acute, and emergent attacks. There are excellent reasons for that;reasons far more germane than a swollen face.

There are better and more effective modalities for managing chronic asthma - inhaled steroids spring to mind for instance. I don't know your medical history, but I would be very surprised if you can't achieve good management <<without>> long term use of medrol. I urge you to discuss this with your doctor as soon as possible.