Is matter a form of condensation?

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Is matter a form of condensation?
« on: 19/04/2016 20:59:18 »
Assume that energy of matter is some form of condensation onto the continuum.

Energy of matter (Em) is;      Em = mc2 

Plank Thermal Energy (EP) is;    EP = kBTP   

Hawking Thermal Energy (EH) is;   EH = kBTH

m is mass
c is the light constant
kB is the Boltzmann constant

TP is Plank Temperature;   TP = (Ћc5/GkB2) 

TH is Hawking Temperature;   TH = Ћc/4πkBrS

Ћ is the reduced Plank constant
G is the gravitational constant
rS is the Schwarzschild radius

The energies are related;   EP2 = 8πEmEH

This may be written as;      EP2/AS = EmEH/rS2

Where;      AS is Schwarzschild surface area;   AS = 4πrS2 

This equation may also represent products of force.

This equation suggests that energy of matter is a condensation onto the continuum driven by differing thermal energies.