nanotec & nanobots

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nanotec & nanobots
« on: 01/03/2007 13:29:41 »
when do u think that nano tech will be able to help the disabled if they r looking for people to test on i am here.  the reason i m asking this question is because i have level 5 cerebral palsy and through all doubts i can still all and slightly run but it is getting hard to get out of bed somedays and my hips have made a U-shape from over tightened tendens so if experiments on me can help research i am here to test on. [:)]


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nanotec & nanobots
« Reply #1 on: 01/03/2007 16:14:51 »
Welcome Sikeman!! I am sorry for your discomfort. I Hope someone here knows more about this technology as it is interesting. I have heard some but I know they have come far from the info I used to have. Good luck and I hope things work out for you and you get lots of response!

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