Feedback: I have had a cup fall perfectly too

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Feedback: I have had a cup fall perfectly too
« on: 05/05/2016 17:50:01 »
Monte McGlaun  asked the Naked Scientists:
   In the latest call-in episode I heard, a caller told of dropping a cup of coffee that hit perfectly on the floor and sent the contents all over him and others.
I had a similar experience while in engineering grad school.  I was at a church social holding a screaming hot styro cup of coffee and let it slip.  I looked down as it fell to the floor and I said "oh nooo!"  It hit perfectly square.  The center of liquid in the cup continued downward pushing the outer portion of liquid next to the surface of the cup upward in a hollow cylinder.  I don't know how high the cylinder went, but it went back down into the cup and nearly all the contents ejected straight back up the center right into my face.  It was room temperature by that time.  I was soaked.  

Monte McGlaun

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