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Fw: English
« on: 17/05/2016 06:50:01 »
Orlando asked the Naked Scientists:
   I've been a TNS listener for about a decade now, and have always enjoyed the variety of articles. However, as a linguist and educator I tear my hair out every time I listen to Graihagh Jackson massacring the English language. Like yourselves my job is to teach (and hopefully correct mistakes). Yet she makes my job harder when she comes up with statements like "it nearly scared the pants off OF me", and instead of "let alone find time [to do]", she says "YET alone". I'm sure when you hear ill-informed people spouting woo instead of science, you want to correct them. That's my job too. Please tell (the otherwise well-educated) Ms Jackson to have her English checked before she puts to air; that way I can continue to listen to TNS without cringing. Thanks, Orlando
What do you think?
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