How to get rid of a greasy smell?

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How to get rid of a greasy smell?
« on: 19/05/2016 00:50:01 »
Madelyn Alvarino asked the Naked Scientists:
   Good morning,
We came back from a cruise and the clothes and our skin have a pungent sweet smell that is hard to take off. I have a suspicion that the ship's water was contaminated because the smell is even in my hair! We have soaked in the tub with aromatic salts, but did not help a lot. It has been over a week and we still are struggling with the smell. It is very hard to control because whatever the contaminated clothes come in  contact with, the smell sticks to it.
I have tried baking soda and vinegar, but has not helped much. I might end up throwing all the clothes out!
Thanks for your help.
What do you think?
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