How to find these 2 Poker odds?

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How to find these 2 Poker odds?
« on: 24/05/2016 12:10:24 »
in game of Texas Holdem
i got two Aces as starting hand, what are chances of there being another Ace on one of the 5 cards on table? what are chances of two Aces on the 5card?
1.       So my question is; when u have pair as start. What are chances of you getting "3 of a kind" and "four of a kind"?

IN SIMPLE NON POKER TERMS: in a bunch of 52 cards of 4 different colors, each color consisting 1 through 13 numbered cards. the cards are shuffled well. u pick the top 2 cards and u see its a red-8 and a green-8. What are chances of getting another 8th card on the 5 next top cards. And what chances of getting both blue-8 and yelow-8 on that next 5 cards.
2.       Unlike commonsense, I believe starting hand of 10 J is slightly better than K A, since u can make straights on both sides (if there are 5+ players). Am i right? who can calculate it? please
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Re: How to find these 2 Poker odds?
« Reply #1 on: 24/05/2016 14:01:59 »
This being a science site you would have to explain in detail how this game is dealt and played before any probabilities can be calculated. You will then have to see whether anyone considers this interesting enough to reply.
 You will probably have more 'luck' on one of the dedicated gaming sites.
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