How does cellophane/cling film keep crackers crisp?

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Terry asked the Naked Scientists:
   Why does cellophane keep crackers crisp
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Re: How does cellophane/cling film keep crackers crisp?
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"Crisps" and "Crackers" - as the names suggest - are brittle and crunchy. That texture is part of their allure. They're made by cooking in a dry heat to drive off water, which leaves them stiff. Opened, packets of crisps and crackers (and cereals) go soft not because they are "off" but because the dry (and usually salty) foodstuff is a moisture magnet and slowly absorbs water from the air. The ingress of water makes the material spongy and pliable (soggy).

Cellophane keeps things fresh by restricting air movements around the food, which limits the arrival of moisture and therefore slows down (or if it is completely sealed) prevents the softening process.
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