How did zero advance our understanding of the universe?

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How did the number zero and infinity play in physics and mathematics?

How did zero advanced our understanding of the universe?

Zero was linked to the void of nothingness by ancient mathematicians and widely rejected in horror.

For example if they divided any number by zero using the skills of the time, they would have destroyed the entire foundation mathematics. It only number that changes nothing.

Dividing by zero just once allows you to prove mathematically anything in the universe, that Ben Laden was a six legged spider

An interesting application or non-application is the long sort of solution to Zeno's Paradox of Achilles and he tortoise, no matter how fast Achilles can never catch up to the tortoise just when he thinks he has the slow tortoise has moved a little further ahead.

Zeno's syllogism is as follows: P1: Achilles must first traverse an infinite number of divisions in order to reach the tortoise. P2: it is impossible for Achilles to traverse an infinite number of divisions. C: therefore, Achilles can never surpass the tortoise?

The solution to the paradox involved both the awful concept of zero and infinitely and took more than two thousand years before it was finally solved by modern mathematicians.

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Could you please phrase your post title as a question and ask a science question in your post
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