Which undergrad major should I choose?

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Which undergrad major should I choose?
« on: 27/05/2016 23:31:10 »
Hi everyone!

I am a student looking to go back to school in the fall but am unsure about what to pick as an undergrad. I have narrowed it down to either kinesiology or environmental science. If one were to ask me what appeals to me about environmental science I would tell them I love the study of ecosystems (air, water and ground, fauna & flora), am passionate about science as a whole and love being outdoors.
Iíve seen a few videos about of designing environmental protection equipment and that seems to resonate with me.

Thereís another one that talks about how scientists are dumping hollow spheres (of I think beeswax) into the ocean to help clean the pollutants out of it. I canít find it right now but if you do, feel free to post it here.

I also recently took a biology course for upgrading purposes and not only did very well in it but I was extremely interested in the subject matter. Iím thinking something involving biology is in the cards for me if I decide to go the Enviro. Sci. route but I just donít know what yet. Considering how broad and vast the Environmental Science sector is I think that Biology would be a good place to start. I am also looking to see if I can find a career that allows me to be financially stable (at least $40 000/year CAN).

Any information, insight or knowledge how to navigate my career path would be greatly appreciated.

Your friendly neighbourhood misguided student