Have you tried to solve the odd ball problem?

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Have you tried to solve the odd ball problem?
« on: 01/06/2016 05:38:13 »
This puzzle is only for those who have not come across it before. You can get the solution from the internet but this would defeat the purpose of this post which having a little fun!!

The Problem 12 Odd Pool Balls Puzzle

The Problem:

You have 12 balls identical in size and appearance but 1 is an odd weight (could be either light or heavy).

You have a set scales (balance) which will give 3 possible readings: Left = Right, Left > Right or Left < Right (i.e. Left and Right have equal weight, Left is Heavier, or Left is Lighter).

You must not use a bathroom type scale, you must use the two pan type scale often seen in a court of law. Of course you do not need real scales just your logic and imagination and a process off elimination to get to the solution

You have only 3 chances to weigh the balls in any combination using the scales. Determine which ball is the odd one and if it's heavier or lighter than the rest.

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