Is blunt and "just being honest" the same thing?

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Is blunt and "just being honest" the same thing?
« on: 11/06/2016 04:10:33 »
I am incapable of purposely provoking people, particularly in the real world (I sometimes purposely provoke people in the YouTube comments section).  It always astounds me how easy it is for people to start a fight with someone who means them, nor anybody, harm.  My ADD provokes people, even those that are aware of my condition, to hurt my feelings and make me feel very guilty- and whatever the issue, real or imagined, leaves a bad taste in my mouth that usually won't let up for days.

"Just being honest", is, as I figure it, when somebody admits to a wrong or has advise or a criticism to make to you, but doing it minus a patronizing tone. In other words, they don't make you feel like a punk. In their mind, I think, rudeness helps you. It' "tough love". My whole life is this- from early childhood, all through school, all through college, and life after college.

You see, I had my first drink during my first week at college in Fall 2000 at Syracuse University. I drank a few Samuel Adams, and felt at ease with people I would normally feel uncomfortable to have conversations with; people I would normally feel intimidated by. Alcohol did that.