Why is Hitler still talked about and largely debated?

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In 2000 “Time” Magazine was going to put the man of the century on its cover. Hitler was leading by a huge margin. When the world found out, Israel led a huge campaign to change the outcome before it was announced. They were successful and Einstein was named man of the century instead. It was a copout.

Being known for being notorious is still being known. Hitler is still talked about because a single man had the ability, in the middle of the century, to change the course of the entire world in drastic and far-reaching ways.

Despite losing the war he caused almost 100 million deaths.

Despite losing the war he accelerated and facilitated the downfall and destruction of the British Empire, the world’s biggest power for hundreds of years.

He propelled the US and the USSR to the world stage and set off a cold war that would last almost 60 years. He forced the creation of Israel by his actions, something that has ramifications almost every day. He changed how wars were fought, the weapons we still use. His was the germ of the ability and technology that put men on the moon.

Hitler has become the poster boy for evil and torture. When someone wants to truly insult a politician they compare him to Hitler. While Einstein changed science and may have convinced a politician to build the A-bomb, his impact on the world was actually rather small compared to Hitler’s footprint. Here, 70 years after the war, we are still seeking and trying his henchmen.

We still talk about Hitler because there is much to talk about.
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Re: Why is Hitler still talked about and largely debated?
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I must agree with you Alan, Hitler certainly did steer this world in ways greater than anyone else in his time.

It does seem that history favours the evil. Apart from Herr Hitler, we tend to remember others of his ilk such as Genghis Khan, Pol Pot and Chairman Mao, not to mention other less than salubrious members of the Third Reich.

We seem to have an obsession for 'the dark side'.

What a shame we can't nurture an opposite to the Hitler's of yesteryear.

Who will be next to take up The Crown of Evil? Trump???
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