Are DDoS Attacks not taken seriously enough?

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Are DDoS Attacks not taken seriously enough?
« on: 15/06/2016 09:24:28 »
There has been speculation that a Dos attack could wipe out the entire internet facility of a sovereign country. (Or maybe the entire planet?)

DDos attacks are based on flooding the internet with colossal amounts of useless data in a short period of time.

We have almost reached the stage of unimaginable download speeds of 500gb per second and counting, which could contain such huge amounts of potentially useless information, that it could be used in cyber warfare as weapon to flood and ruin the ability of a country to control its own destiny. We have now have reached the stage when nearly every aspect of our daily lives are connected or controlled by the web, in one way or the other and counting.

Scary Stuff?
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