Where can I find gamma radiation protection gadgets?

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Mr.Ratan Pawar asked the Naked Scientists:
   I am in search of anti gamma radiation protection gadgets
What do you think?
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Re: Where can I find gamma radiation protection gadgets?
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The USA and Russia have a large number of now-unused nuclear missile silos and control bunkers.
They are now being turned into a number of novel applications like museums and hotels.

An anti-gamma radiation house is another possible application.

But seriously, gamma radiation penetrates most kinds of material. A thick shield made of a dense material like lead absorbs gamma rays rapidly - 1cm reduces the intensity by 50%, so you may need 5-10cm (depending on the intensity of the source, and the expected duration of exposure).

Repeated collisions with electrons in air molecules reduces the energy of gamma rays by Compton Scattering. But this requires a larger separation from the source to reduce the radiation to safe levels.

Gamma radiation from Technetium99 is used in some medical procedures. These are extremely low energy gamma rays, and it is felt that the diagnostic benefits outweigh the risks for the patient. But the staff administering these radioisotopes every day need to take precautions against continued exposure.

Probably the most important protective equipment is a personal dosimeter, so you can track exposure, and avoid excessive exposure.
See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dosimeter

You could contact suppliers of equipment for X-Rays and Radiology labs.


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Re: Where can I find gamma radiation protection gadgets?
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...umm.... why do you need protection from gamma radiation?