Could I have touched a rainbow?

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Could I have touched a rainbow?
« on: 17/06/2016 10:50:02 »
John Marchant asked the Naked Scientists:
   In 1954 I was a Purser on the Queen Mary sailing from New York to Southampton, and, at the time, was standing on the deck at the stern of the ship. The sun was shining, but it was raining some distance away, I can't remember in which direction. I looked immediately to my left (literally at 90 %) and saw the rainbow coming towards me ' and' within a minute or two, I saw it in the sea as it reached the ship. I ran to my right and saw the rainbow going away, directly in line with me. I did not see the rainbow, obviously when it was over me. I have told this story to dozens of people, most of whom haven't believed me. My wife is the only one that does believe me, because it came to within 20 yards of me when driving through France, and, if the road hadn't turn right at the critical moment, it would have happened again! I hope you will believe me, I would love some comments!
What do you think?
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