How to postulate a theory?

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How to postulate a theory?
« on: 20/06/2016 17:01:25 »
Good afternoon, a simple question. I formulate a theory by observation, I'm no pyshisist, I'm a glassier, but the theory based on observation is of my own, spreaded arounda few foruns and channels, no one took a solid stand about it, I believe I'm on to something related with space, in general, actually my theory is about what black holes actually are, from that point on is based on pure observation, and I need to change Einstein "explanation" about the fabric of space, its a very long explanation, I will eventually point some wondering due the new concept, but in the specific issue I'll be more than clear about what is happening there, so even if I miss some actions in the atomic level, if I'm correct about what they are and what they do? Would I recieve the credit, or I would need to postulate the equations and formulas? I'm not good with math, I'm more self-aware than anyother thing, but if I post the observation in here, and someone else do the math and re-postulate it, who will recieve the credit? Thanks in advance...


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Re: How to postulate a theory?
« Reply #1 on: 20/06/2016 17:58:14 »
You will get the credit for being the first person to make the observations, assuming no one else has already.
If someone else picks up those observations and does further work to develop them into a coherent theory they will get the credit for their work. The problem is knowing which is going to be remembered.
Einstein's work on SR was dependant on prior work by Gauss, Lorentz and others. Most of those names are instantly recognisable by physicists, but not by the general public.
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