Are we going to microchip people?

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Are we going to microchip people?
« on: 21/06/2016 11:50:01 »
TanMan2906  asked the Naked Scientists:
   Is it true that everyone in the world is getting a chip inside them and also that chip is going to back fire it's going to turn everyone into zombies no joke and is everyone going to be getting their chip
In 2020?

What do you think?
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Re: Are we going to microchip people?
« Reply #1 on: 21/06/2016 12:21:30 »
Vaccine chip technology already exist.

I don't think such technology will turn people in zombies but it might be a way to identify genetically-modified organisms with patented intellectual property. A vaccine is the ideal method to insert into the human body new
biological vectors which may induce a genetic response.
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