What are the relationships between these units of measurement?

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Hey y'all, I'm new here! I'm an artist and outdoorswoman who writes science-fantasy as a hobby, no intent of ever publishing, and a lot of my questions will pertain to my writing. Most of my knowledge is in biology, psychology, anthropology, and history; I'm a physics enthusiast, but certainly no expert. I have a hard enough time doing 7th grade math.

So here is the most important question I'll ever ask on this site: what are the relationships between joules, calories, volts, watts, amperes, coulombs, hertz, teslas, ohms, and electronvolts? All these different electromagnetism terms are confusing, and I can't understand the math on any of the sites I've checked. My boyfriend took an electricity class in high school, so I thought maybe he could help explain some of the terms, but nope. What do they mean?

Any help is greatly appreciated! And I apologize if this is in the wrong category.


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Look to Google all the details you want are readily available.
Some of the terms you quote are obsolete but still get used a lot such as calories.