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Feedback: Inspirational podcast
« on: 28/06/2016 21:50:01 »
Ridzky Anis Advent Yuda asked the Naked Scientists:
   Dear Dr Chris Smith and Other The Naked Scientists Crews

My name is Ridzky, I am a naked scientists fan from Indonesia. I am writing this letter to appreciate and acknowledge your amazing sciences broadcasting because it has helped me improving my listening skills, as a result I got band 7 for my ielts listening section. Not only for listening skills improvement, I am very impressed by all the science podcasts produced by this beloved website. I am glad to know more about universe and physics even I am a biologist. This year I am going to go to Europe for continuing my masters study, and I hope could be able to visit your studio at Cambridge. Hopefully, The Naked Scientists always inspires young scientist like me in developing countries.

What do you think?
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