What binds things together?

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What binds things together?
« on: 05/07/2016 14:08:16 »
What binds things together?
   Sub-particles are bound within the proton. The electron is bound to the proton in the hydrogen atom. Atoms are bound to each other in molecules. Molecules are bound to each other in structures. What causes all these bonds to exist? Mathematicians produce equations which formulate quantities to show the value of the binding energy. Then physicists produce theories to explain the observed calculated energies. This works fine when you believe that space is like a checker board and material entities operate within the rules produced by the checkerboard.
  Thus a positive particle is attracted to a negative particle because the checkerboard says so. Once we eliminate the checkerboard we are left without strange particles or virtual particles to explain things. A gravitational sub-particle then has no meaning. All we have left is a universe of three types of momentum which are linear, orbital, and spherical. There three forms of momentum produce the entire universe without the checkerboard.
  In the simple universe things are bound together with spherical waves. The proton is surrounded by spherical waves which oscillate between levels of the Plank distance. All the quarks are within this dimension and they themselves contain spherical oscillations. The hydrogen atom is surrounded by an oscillating plus and minus wave. Bohrís equations are good mathematical expressions of the radiated energy from the different states of the hydrogen atom. Yet the positive and negative fields are caused by spherical dot-waves which can oscillate from the center to the radius.
   The same is true of all the atoms and the molecules and the Earth itself. The binding of everything is caused by spherical oscillating energy fields. This does not require a checkerboard to explain things. The waves themselves are their own checkerboard. Can you bind things together without a checkerboard?