What black holes can teach us about gravity

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What black holes can teach us about gravity
« on: 05/07/2016 15:02:39 »
The first part of my ideas about gravity has been publish on this post.
newbielink:http://www.thenakedscientists.com/forum/index.php?topic=66484.0 [nonactive]

This part is an independent idea, so you do not need to read my last post. (But they have some similarities, and they are both part of my view of gravity.)

I don't believe in the general idea that gravity is a attractive force, with some kind of information carrier, e.g. a graviton. I don't understand how anyone can combine the fundumatel idea that gravity is attractive with todays observations.

My idea is very simple. If black holes exist and they have a gravitional impact on their envirement, gravity cannot be an attractive force. Since no information or particles can leave a black hole, hence can nothing outside the black hole be attracted by it.

We know that black holes exists, both through electromagnetic observations and gravitational wave observations. We also know that black hole impact their environment gravitationally, from the same observations. And we know that gravitational waves travels with the speed of light, both from theory and the observation of gravitaional wave. From this we have all the pieces of evidence we need to show that gravity cannot be an attractive force since no gravitational information can leave the black hole.

My theory is that spacetime repeals everything in its envirement, resulting in a net force towards the black hole. Since the spacetime is curved there and the spacetime pressure cannot leave.

A longer version of my idea can be found at:

Video version:
youtube com/watch?v=weQpXK9uXY8

Text version:
smashwords com/books/view/644742

(I'm not allowed to post links that is why they are changed. You can also search for "What black holes can teach us about gravity")