What are the electron energy levels in glass, liquids, frogs and jellyfish?

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Materials, and animals tissue, while the electron is in the ground state.
Most glass begins absorbing light significantly at about 350 nm and below (that's 3.5 eV). Very high purity fused quartz is transparent down to about 200 nm (6.2 eV).
So I am thinking the electron energy levels fall within a range of 3.5 eV, to 6.2 eV, to allow transmission of light, while the electron is in the ground state in molecules.
Its a mystery how electrons change energy levels as atom come together to make covelent bonds to form molecules.
But at least this way I can get a accurate idea of how much eV the electrons are.
Is this roughly correct.
I am grateful for you help, anything helps even a few words.
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