Does the proton contain individual quarks?

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Does the proton contain individual quarks?
« on: 05/07/2016 19:17:12 »
Does the Proton contain individual quarks?
  We know that when we break apart a proton in the atomic labs, we find component parts which agree with QM theory and the standard model. The problem is that a proton without individual quarks would be much more stable. The proton with component parts would tend to break apart much more readily.
  I pose this question as to the fundamental problem of QM as to its reality. I do not know the answer to this question, yet it is possible that what we produce in the lab may very well be the byproduct of the destruction of the protons.
   Have we merely manufactured properties of the destruction of the proton whether in the lab or in nature? The charge Q appears to be a property of the universe. My dot-waves are very tiny amounts of charge but the main structures of the universe are the electron and the proton. Over time they will radiate charge but the universe will expand and the time clock will slow. Thus common mode we may not be able to detect any change in charge by our measurements. Of course in another 15 billion years or so, the proton will break apart in a little bang and the universe will no longer exist as we know it.
   So that is the puzzle. Is QM true within the structure of the proton or does the proton merely have complex waves within it that break apart into the quarks. What do you think?