Could you make a polymeric superconductor?

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Could you make a polymeric superconductor?
« on: 06/07/2016 03:50:01 »
MOHAMMADI.S.M asked the Naked Scientists:
   hello, with respect
After a life trying; now I have tow idea about superconductor the first polymeric superconductor and the second virtual superconductor. the abstract of polymeric superconductor is as flowing:  
According  to the superconductivity conceptions; electrical conductivity occurs in a liner electron orbital such as  surficial electrons in a metal cable. This orbital simply breaks as it simply formats. But ceramics, which are usually insulator, will be  superconductors at a middle temperature in an electronic system. Their orbitals breaks somewhat difficult (not simply) as those format somewhat difficult (not simply) .
There are some polymers  like  polyethylene, which are a better insulator . Those polymers break too difficulty as they overlap and format  too difficulty .
Thus they will be good high-temperature superconductors after electrons complete overlapping . this is because that a long linear polyethylene molecule  makes a linear strong  electrical orbital like a cable .
Mentioned polymeric string is not only a good high-temperature superconductors but also a flexible strong string which replaced instead of some nerves system .
 Though  it is too difficult  to make a long linear polyethylene string ; but I have found a method that seems to be useful . I can't do that lonely because  that needs an appropriate laboratory while I'm a poor man. Would  you please; if that is more or less acceptabl , then we can share for  completion of design. I think that it's worth pursuing .
Waiting for your reply
yours sincerely
What do you think?
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